Periodontal Maintenance | Atlanta, GA

Periodontal Maintenance (PM) begins after completion of active periodontal therapy and continues at 3-4 month intervals, alternating with your general dentist. PM is an extension of active periodontal therapy. PM procedures are supervised by Dr. Benson and include:

  • Update of medical and dental history
  • Review of patient radiographs
  • Extraoral and intraoral soft tissue examination
  • Dental examination
  • Periodontal examination
  • Review of the patient’s plaque control effectiveness
  • Removal of microbial flora from sulcular or pocket areas
  • Scaling and root planing where indicated
  • Polishing the teeth

These procedures are performed at selected intervals to assist the periodontal patient in maintaining oral health. This is the phase of periodontal therapy during which periodontal diseases and conditions are monitored and etiologic factors are reduced or eliminated. It is distinct from, but integrated with, active therapy. The patient may move from active therapy to periodontal maintenance and back into active care if the disease recurs.

Therapeutic Goals

To minimize the recurrence and progression of periodontal disease in patients who have been previously treated for gingivitis and periodontitis.

To reduce the incidence of tooth loss by monitoring the dentition and any prosthetic replacements of the natural teeth.

To increase the probability of locating and treating, in a timely manner, other diseases or conditions found within the oral cavity.

Treatment Considerations

The following items may be included in a PM visit, subject to previous examination, history, and the judgment of Dr. Benson and his hygienists.

Review and Update of Medical and Dental History

Clinical examination (to be compared with previous baseline measurements)

Radiographic Examination





Outcomes Assessment